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How much are tickets?

  • Click Tickets anywhere on our page; it will take you to our TIXR page

Purchases at the door are $5 more and paying with cash avoids ticketing fees

When and where is Fort Smith Comic Con?
July 27-28, 2024, at the Kay Rodgers Park Expo Center in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Are masks and proof of vaccination required?

Absolutely not. Read our CDC approved Health & Safety Policy for more information

Why did the location and date change?

The Fort Smith Convention Center has priced itself out of our budget, but the Kay Rodgers Park Expo Center has just as much space for all the AWESOME we'll have at FSCC! Dates are always subject to venue availability. 

Is there a Military Discount?
Active Military and First Responders receive a discount at the door for a day pass with valid ID.

Pre-purchase is not available due to proof of ID

Do I have to stay at the Hotel?

No, but we highly recommend it! Staying at the official hotel allows us to show the Convention Visitor's Bureau what an impact Fort Smith Comic Con makes on the local economy. Please stay at the hotel!


Is this a family-friendly show?

Yes, absolutely! All 18+ events are clearly marked and require ID, most of which are past 9pm


Where can I sign up for ___?

Click "Get Involved" on our Menu​

Where is the schedule?

On the Schedule page on our Menu

Where can I see the guest list?

On the Guests Page

Can I suggest a specific celebrity guest to appear?

If you have a Celebrity Guest you just HAVE to meet at FSCC, email us at to set up payment to bring sponsor guest to the convention. While we appreciate recommendations, we are the largest independent convention company in the United States and are well connected with the entertainment industry - we have a solid grasp on which celebrities are available on our dates, what it costs to bring them, and how well they will do in our markets.  If you are adamant about meeting a specific guest at FSCC, you will need to personally sponsor the appearance.

Why isn't _____ (celebrity) appearing?

  • There are literally hundreds of talented on-screen and voice actors, cosplayers, and entertainers. We cannot invite all of them every year, yes, even the one that is your absolute favorite. There are many, many factors involved in who can appear, most of which fans are not aware of. Please trust that we took dozens of factors into consideration when choosing the Celebrity guest lineup. 

Will there be an autograph authentication service on site?

We plan to have one on site, yes!

Are there day passes?

Yes, day passes are available online or at the door

Can I get a refund for my membership?

No. All sales are final. Yes, this means you. No, we can't make an exception. Our ticket description, which is required to read prior to purchase, also states our terms & conditions. If you ask for a refund, you will be quoted this policy, which is required to read and agree to prior to purchasing on TIXR

When does______ happen?

Check our Schedule page; the full schedule will drop two weeks before the convention

Does it cost to meet the celebrities?

No, but photos and autographs do. Prices set by each guest, which may not be relayed to FSCC until the event begins. We will post pricing guides as soon as we receive them

How much are autographs and photos?

It varies with each Guest. Head to our Guests page for more info; we will post pricing guides as soon as we receive them. It's usually between $20 and $40 per item

Where do I sign up to volunteer?

Click Volunteer under "Get Involved"

How much are artist and vendor booths?

Head to our AA & Exhibitor Booth TIXR page for details.

Where can I book my hotel room?

On our Hotel page

Where is the Dress Code / Cosplay / Weapons / Health Policy?

Click "Information" and select the policy you'd like to read

Will there be security?


What is your bag policy?

All bags are subject to search by hotel security, event security, and FSPD

Are there Media/Press Passes available?

Click "Press" under Get Involved

Is the Maid Café appropriate for kids?

Absolutely! It's a wholesome event and absolutely worth it

What are the Halcyon Knights?

They are veteran live-action role-players and medieval reenactors who host foam-fighting tournaments, fun role-play panels, and host the exclusive Stage Show, a thrilling story with live combat!

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